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Foster a dog from Beagle Paws Rescue and help protect these sweet dogs while they await a permanent adoption.


Have you ever thought about being a foster home for Beagle Paws, but hesitated because you weren’t quite sure what you’d be getting yourself into? Well, here’s more information to give you a good idea of what’s involved in fostering.

What is fostering?

Fostering is when you provide a temporary home for a beagle waiting to be adopted. Foster homes help Beagle Paws save the lives of many homeless beagles.

Will fostering cost me money?

No. Beagle Paws will provide all the food and equipment necessary. You just need to provide the love and care. Some foster homes who have the means, do choose to help with the costs of food or other essentials, but it is not required.

Do I need my own vehicle?

It is always helpful if foster homes have access to a vehicle, so the foster family can help out with any trips to the vet, etc. But we do have volunteers that can provide transportation if needed.

How long can I expect to foster a dog?

The short answer is we don’t know. You may have your foster Beagle for a week, a month, or a couple of months. There are even opportunities to foster long-term for one of our senior Beagles with complex needs, if you are interested. On average, it takes between two weeks and a month for most of our beagles to get adopted. And in the dog’s best interest, we prefer that a dog stay in the one foster home until it is adopted.


Do I get to choose which dog I foster?

If you have a preference for a particular dog, let us know. But we also need to consider if your foster dog is good with children, other dogs, cats, etc. We do our best to match the right beagle with the right foster home.

Will the dog be housetrained?

Some of the dogs will be housetrained, others may not be. Even if the dog is housetrained, please keep in mind that a foster dog is in a new environment and might be a little stressed. A few accidents in your home should not come as a surprise. With consistent training, most dogs can be housetrained rather quickly. Feel free to talk to us if you have any concerns or need housetraining tips.

What if the dog causes damage in my home?

Unfortunately, Beagle Paws does not have the resources to be responsible for any damages in your home. We will provide a dog kennel for you and strongly recommend that the dog is never left unsupervised in your home. When you go out, we recommend keeping the dog in its kennel. This is the best option for keeping both the dog and your home safe. Dogs are much more adoptable if they are kennel trained, so it is a very good habit to get the dog into.

Not all homes should have a dog,

but all dog deserves a home.

What happens if I have to go away for a few days or more while I am fostering?

No problem – we will find alternative accommodation for your foster dog during that time, but we do appreciate as much notice as possible.

Will I be involved in choosing the dog's new owner?

We consider foster homes to be the best judge of what kind of home would best suit their foster dogs. So we would definitely appreciate your input when we screen adoption applications.



To foster a beagle, please complete our FOSTER APPLICATION. If you have any questions, please contact us: 709-738-7297 or email us at

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