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If you have time to give to an organization, consider Beagle Paws Rescue, where there are a number of ways to get involved and help animals in your community.


There are many ways to offer help to Beagle Paws Rescue and all of them are valuable to our cause. Choose from the options below and get in touch with us to discuss further!

If you’d like more information about volunteering with Beagle Paws,

please call 738-7297 or email us at

Antique Store


We are currently seeking volunteers for our Beagle Paws Thrift Store located on Blackmarsh Rd. in St. John’s NL. You will be doing a wide variety of tasks, from customer service to organization. If you’d like to donate your time, please complete our volunteer application. Volunteers must be 18 years old.



Volunteering at our shelter, this is a great way to support our organization. From cleaning, to organizing, feeding, and walking the Beagles, Each volunteer who signs up is expected to complete at least one 2-3 hour shift per month. Volunteers must be 18 years old.


New shelter location effective August 2019

131 Cochrane Pond Rd, Goulds NL

No public transit available at this location

Steering Wheel


The role of the volunteer driver is also a role that gives you hands on time with the animals. We rely on these volunteers to bring foster animals to and from vet appointments, to new foster or trial adoptive homes, and to deliver pet supplies to our foster parents. Please note: You must own your own vehicle.


Many senior and special-needs beagles come into our care each year. Some of these rescued dogs do not get adopted due to various health issues. We are very grateful to have long term foster families who will care for these dogs in their homes.


With the commitment of caring for senior and special-needs dogs comes the expense of veterinary bills, long-term medication, and in some cases special foods and supplements. Your sponsorship provides food and ongoing medical care for these special cases, while they live the life they deserve in long-term foster homes. Get in touch if you’d like to sponsor a beagle.


It takes a considerable amount of money to provide the necessary care for beagles in need. Funds that we raise cover veterinary expenses, food, pet supplies, etc. The beagles will thank you for it!

recycling dog.jpg


Are you good at selling tickets? Can you help out at events? Do you have any ideas as to how we can raise money to support our cause? Get in touch.


Bring you recyclables to any one of the EverGreen Recycling locations in Newfoundland and you can donate your refund to Beagle Paws. Just notify the employees that you would like to make your donation to the Beagle Paws account or add our phone number in the automatic bag drop: 739-7297, It doubles as our account number.

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