If you have any questions, please Email: to start the foster process or complete the form below.

Before you complete the application, please read the following:

Beagle Paws does not warrant the health, fitness, or temperament of the dog and it makes no representations as to its health, fitness, or temperament. It is important to realize that Beagle Paws does not know the history of the dog.

  • You must be at least 19 years of age to foster.

  • All foster dogs actively remain up for adoption while in foster care.

  • If you are considering adopting a beagle we ask that you complete the adoption application.

  • Due to the history and backgrounds of the dogs in our care, foster dogs are not permitted to be off leash except in a secured fenced area. Hunting with a foster dog is not permitted.

  • Foster dogs may require housetraining, basic obedience and socialization. A gradual introduction to children, pets or visitors to the home may be necessary.

  • It can take several days or longer for a rescue dog to settle into a new routine. Changes to a dog’s environment may cause the dog to have accidents. Being patient and taking the time to work with the dog through this adjustment stage can help in successfully integrating a foster beagle into your home.

  • All applicants are subject to a screening process. We do this to ensure that the health, wellbeing and happiness of each dog can be met while in foster care. As part of our application process a visit to your home may be required.

  • False information will lead to an automatic rejection of this Foster Application.

  • Beagle Paws reserves the right to decline any applicant.


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