Alberta Chapters – Volunteer Leaders

May Sutherland, Edmonton Chapter
May has been a long time supporter of Beagle Paws with her adopted beagle “Katie”, the love of her life. May has established a great volunteer base in the Edmonton area, which we are very grateful for.

Lorna Stewart, Edmonton Chapter
Lorna has been involved with Beagle Paws for several years and we are very happy that she has agreed to take on a bigger role in helping build out Edmonton chapter. Lorna is a huge beagle lover and has a couple very sweet beagles of her own.

imageBrandy Bohaychuk, Edmonton Chapter
Brandy’s enthusiasm for beagles led her not only to become a volunteer but to foster as well. She is mom to Caesar as well as failed foster mom to Oliver. Although there is already an abundance of beagle love in her home she continues to foster as well as to volunteer. Brandy can always be counted on to help whenever it’s needed.

Erin Coburn, Calgary Chapter
Erin brings a fresh approach to beagle rescue in Alberta. Long time volunteer and foster Mom. We are so pleased that she has now taken on a more involved role with Beagle Paws. Welcome aboard Erin. (shown in this photo with her beloved beagles “Toby” and “Mylie”)

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