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Air Mile Rewards

Beagle Paws has just joined the Air Miles program. Now you can use our number at participating merchants to help us collect reward miles. These miles can be used to purchase supplies for the beagles in our care. BEAGLE... Read More »

2 Beagles are better than 1

Beagles for Adoption Many dog owners will tell you that having more than one dog is a good thing, even more so for beagles. Beagles are a pack oriented breed and in the majority of cases enjoy the company of other... Read More »

2015 Calendar DEADLINE !

Do you have a favorite photo of your beagle that you would love everyone to see? Or have a new camera that you are itching to put to good use? Then you might be interested in submitting a photo for our 2015 Beagle... Read More »

Animal Wellness Magazine

Animal Wellness Magazine Beagle Paws has partnered with Animal Wellness Magazine to help raise funds for our cause. 40% of every subscription purchased using our promo code AWA160 will be donated directly to our... Read More »

Beagle Gift Items

NEW !! we have just brought in a lovely new line of beagle and paw print gift items. All proceeds from the sale of these items will go to help the beagles in our care. to view and purchase some of these great products... Read More »

Tupperware For Beagles

We are excited to announce that the Building for Beagles campaign has partnered with Tupperware a well-known and trusted name in Canada for a July fundraising event! Visit the website for more details on this fundraiser... Read More »