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Masters Golf Pool Fundraiser

Organized by one of our great volunteers this fundraiser is fun for everyone.,

Here is the invite for the 2024 Beagle Paws Masters Pool. Same rules as past years: 

  1. Follow this link to choose your team.   2024 Beagle Paws Masters Pool  We're using the online pool again this year. You will be able to follow the pool standings in real time as the action is happening. Click here for the leaderboard during the tournament.  Leaderboard

  2. Choose one player in each of the 13 tiers. These 13 players will make up your team.  

  3. The team with the highest total $$ winnings wins the pool. 

  4. Entry fee is $20 per team. Enter as many teams as you like. 

  5. 50% of money collected will be donated to Beagle Paws ( . The other 50% will go to the winner of the pool.

  6. E-Transfer your entry fee to When emailing the money, please add a note indicating your team names(s). This makes it easier for me to track who has paid and who has not. 

  7. The Deadline for entries is Thursday April 11th at 12 noon sharp (eastern time). The online system will not accept entries after this time. GOOD LUCK !!!!


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