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Hello. I am Lisa. My son Leo and my daughter Anna (both adults) live with me and our very dear Abbey whom we adopted thru Beagle Paws 1.5 years ago. My best friend and companion of 17.5 years, Shiloh (my first beagle) has recently passed after a very long and valiant fight with cancer. It was a very sad day when they said nothing else could be done. We are all so grateful for the love we have recieved from our furry beagle friends. I can't imagine how I would have coped if not for Abbey.

I absolutely adore beagles. They are the gentlest, most loving and caring dogs I have ever encountered. The are cheeky and stubborn, but extremely intelligent. Since the loss of our dear little man Shiloh, our beloved Abbey has been so sad and lonley with out her pal. Shiloh's passing has left a huge void in our home and office. We are all in need of another wonderful furever friend to join our family.

We do have my grandchildren over often, ages 1 thru 6. My daughter has 2 cats that live with us as well.

We have so much love to give another beagle. We offer a calm, loving and safe home and life for another beagle friend. We live just a few blocks from a huge off leash doggy park. It goes for miles and has a small lake. Shiloh and Abbey used to have so much fun there. My son Leo always comes home after work and takes Abbey for a run. She listens for the sound of his car and runs to the front door to greet him.

Please consider us for adopting a beagle.

Thankyou for your consideration.

Lisa McGuire



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