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Hi, I'm Amy,

They always say that it is us who saves dogs lives, but I truely believe that it is the other way around. We werent looking for another beagle at the time, but when we met Razzy from a neighboring farm who no longer wanted her - there wasnt a question in my mind that we would bring her home and be her forever family. She was 12 years old and we got to spend her last 2.5 years, loving, cuddling, sharing car rides and garden treats, taking her for walks and side by side rides. She had Whiskey ( our 14 year old beagle ) and Allie ( our 5 year old - rescue ) begle as companions, but mostly hung out with me in the gardens, or with my husband driving to town for parts. We just recently said goodbye and are heartbroken. She truley made our lives better with her quirky personality, love for garden veggies and her bark. We are looking for another senior, older or middleaged beagle to come join our home where we still have so much love to give.


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