Sponsor A Beagle

At Beagle Paws we see many senior and special-needs beagles come into our care each year. Some of these rescued dogs do not get adopted due to various health issues. However, we feel that every dog deserves a second chance at a loving life no matter their age or condition. We are very grateful to have long term foster families who will care for these dogs in their homes for as long as it takes.

With the commitment of caring for senior and special-needs dogs comes a tremendous amount of expense in veterinary bills for long-term medication and in some cases special diet food and supplements.

We are providing you with the opportunity to SPONSOR one of these loving beagles. Your contribution provides food and ongoing medical care for these special cases, while they live the life they deserve in long-term foster homes. Without sponsors like you, Beagle Paws could not continue its mission of protecting and caring for all the beagles that come into our care.


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