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Tula came to us in July 2008 and no one was quite sure how old she was. Beagle Paws thought she was 2-3, our vet felt she was closer to 5. Tula was a quiet girl and never got in to too much trouble, but I won’t ever forget the time she caught and ate a bird as it flew across our yard.
Other than that, she always had an air about her and we often called her a grand lady, except when there were treats to be had, of course! Then she was a typical beagle and right in there with her beagle paws brothers Charlie and Cooper, and later Sammy, wanting her treat. She grieved for Charlie in May of 2017 when he was diagnosed with cancer and went to the Rainbow Bridge. This spring, my husband Mike passed away and she grieved even harder. He called her his little girl and Tula never quite got over losing him. She passed away on August 13, 2018 and she will be missed by beagle brothers Cooper and Sammy, but will join Mike, and her brothers Charlie, Maxx and Spanky at the Rainbow Bridge. Bye-bye Tula-Belle, I will miss you!

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“Piper” (March, 2001 – July 15, 2017)

Piper Pomeroy Johnstone-Lawton
(March, 2001 – July 15, 2017)

Piper the big, beautiful beagle was 5-years old when he burst out of his dog crate at Calgary International Airport in June of 2005, and when he immediately landed in his new family’s hearts.

Born in Paradise, Newfoundland, Piper passed away peacefully in Calgary, Alberta, at the ripe old age of 16 years, 4 months, with his family by his side.

Piper was a well-travelled beagle, who’d placed a paw in five provinces (and who’d managed to run away from his worried family in at least four). Piper made friends wherever he went thanks to his gentlemanly demeanour and relaxed outlook on life, and his quest for adventure never faltered. Just a few weeks before saying farewell, Piper shuffled out of the garden gate with his nose down.

Thank-you, Beagle Paws, for sharing this great fellow with us – we’ll continue to hold him in our hearts.

You’re a such good boy, Piper, and we love you forever.

Robb, Val, Nic & Holly Johnstone
Calgary, Alberta

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“Charlie” (2006-May 5, 2017)

thumbnail_DSCN1490 (2)

His name was Loki when we adopted him from Beagle Paws in early 2006 and he had no manners, was bossy and all together a handful. He would climb onto kitchen counters, steal food from closed cupboards and ate I don’t know how many toys, blankets, and whatever else he could get at.

We changed his name to Charlie, taught him some manners and he was the best dog in the world. He was still a bit of a handful when he was young but he grew up into the smartest dog you could ever find. The place we board our dogs at had a note on his file to indicate that he was an escape artist. He could figure out how to escape from his kennel and would then let the other dogs out of their kennels.

Being a beagle, he had a nose for food and would manage to find any scrap or morsel of food within a 50′ radius. He would push a chair up to the counter, jump onto it and then steal anything that was left out. He ate anything, whether it be sugar, pancake batter, or anything else but the thing he loved most of all though was butter.

He was loving, beautiful and a wonderful big brother to Beagle Paws alumni Tula and Cooper. He taught them all of his tricks and was very proud of himself. He had a real swagger to his walk and loved any kind of attention. As soon as you sat down, he would be right there trying to get onto your lap.

He was diagnosed with cancer this past week and it broke our hearts. Our Charlie went to the Rainbow Bridge on Friday May 5, 2017 and we will miss him always.

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“Chloe”- July 2016


“She loved bounding through the deep snow, greeting everyone and everything she could. Chloe was always the first dog to meet our new foster dogs, as she had no prejudices. She loved sneaking little kisses to the young children she met at Pet Expo. Her happiest moment was jumping on the back of the couch and sprawling across it like the other dogs did. Her doggy smile lit up the room. She’d achieved her goal in life.”

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I got my Hudson dog through beagle paws 9 years ago. He was 6 at the time and had had a rough start to his life. His nose was crooked, his ribs had been broken and healed a few times and he was missing his tail. We called it the Hud nub. I even trimmed his long “nub” hairs. It didn’t stop him from wagging that bit of tail as hard as he could when he saw me.

When I picked him up he escaped out of my car within 10 minutes and all I could think was “so this is how it’s going to be.” I chased him through bush and even dove through a fence to catch him. I didn’t care because he was much Hud and I knew his nose meant trouble.

Hudson got free range of the farm and was with me everywhere I went. We moved and grew but it always the two of us. When I first got Hud I was going through a really rough time. Last month I landed my dream job and finally started figuring my life out. Today I had to put Hudson down after a tumor ruptured in his gut. He was 16. I guess he figured I could take care of myself from now on. I am having a hard time with him going because when I had to deal with death in the past I had his fur to comfort me. I would hold him close and smell his dusty warm fur (he was always in stuff and dusty) and I felt safe.

Hudson was family and if anyone can give love to these special dogs they should. My life is better because of my sweet, kind, chicken loving mutt.


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March 24, 2012 to June 5, 2015

He did everything in a BIG way – his way & in his own time.

His personality was certainly memorable: a bit stubborn, singular, somewhat bossy as he got older, and most definitely his own. And I loved every bit of him & that BIG personality of his.

He loved his food dispensing toys and treats, especially when they were hidden & he could find them to be rewarded for the effort. He’d dance for people food, his favourites roast turkey and vanilla ice cream.

Basil loved to go to the park. So many different smells to sniff, balls to run after, dogs & people to say hello to. In the summer he liked to swim – he wasn’t great at it, with his big body and short legs, but you could tell he liked it, so long as you didn’t rush him or the current wasn’t strong.

He fought his cancer in a big way too. Basil went into a remission 4 times – twice the average – but the 5th time was too much for his beagle body to take on. He had the heart of a lion, he really did.

With that tremendous heart, Basil showed love and devotion in the way only a dog can: circling around my feet whenever I came through a door, licking tears away when I was upset, kisses and kisses and kisses to wake me up to face the new day together.

Basil lived 13 wonderful, playful, squirrel chasing years. He was a good boy. He will be missed by many. But especially by me. His Mom.

Jackie Cochrane
Calgary, Alberta

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“Mika” (November 11th, 2004-June 12th, 2015)


To Mika, a beloved dog…
My family and I adopted Mika when she was 9 months old from a family who adopted her at Beagle Paws, Newfoundland in 2004. The first time I saw her little face I fell in love with her. When we were heading back home, Mika and I had an immediate connection between the two of us, as she peacefully fell asleep on me. It was the beginning of a beautiful friendship.
As I was a young girl at this time, Mika was my first dog and she meant the world to me. I saw her growing as she did with me too. Mika followed me during a rough time of my life, the teenage one! She was by my side everyday waiting for me after school and always there to make me laugh even if I had a bad day. Mika was a playful beagle who loved to play with her toys, taking long walks, riding in car and to cuddle a lot.
Then when I turned older and moved from my parents’ house, I wasn’t able to bring Mika with me, so they kindly kept her with them. Mika was suffering since she was young from epilepsy and early this year she started getting sicker and she finally passed away on June 12th, 2015. I already miss her really much but I hope she’s in a better place now.
Mika was the best dog I could ever have, she marks my life with joy and she gave me the love of dogs, especially for Beagles. They are wonderful dogs and the best of friend a person can have. I hope that we gave her the good life she deserved. Mika will always have a special place in my heart, she’s an irreplaceable dog and she will be missed every day.
You will always be loved and never forgotten…

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“Murphy” (smurfy) unknown – May 2014

I am so glad to have spent the time that I did with Murphy. From those earliest days, I knew that Murphy would make a loyal and faithful companion. He just needed a tiny bit of love and faith to blossom, as does anyone, whether a dog or a human being. Murphy, I love you, and I will always remember you for the unconditional love that you offered me. May you rest in peace my faithful friend. I miss you more than words can say.
Love Mom, Bailey, Emma, Hayley and Gracie
Sandra Woito

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“Tuppence” 2014

Tuppence came to Beagle Paws three years ago. She was old and her family didn’t want her. This little dog found a loving foster home with Richard and Tammy Colborne, where happiness was a warm bed by the fireplace and by Tammy’s flower garden. Our heartfelt gratitude goes to Tammy and Richard for opening their home and hearts to this lovable girl. Tuppence has found her final resting place by the flowerbed she loved so much. May your soul soar high and free, Tuppence.
Beagle Paws Volunteers, Edmonton

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“Dolly Pops” (June 2014)

It is with a very heavy heart that we have to tell you all that one of our long time shelter beagles, “Dolly” passed away yesterday. “Dolly Pops” as most people know her as, was abandoned at our shelter one New Year’s eve over 3 years ago. Although Dolly spent most of her days at our shelter she had many outings and sleep overs with the volunteers and as of late was in a shared custody foster home situation. She had 2 foster Mom’s, now it couldn’t get much better than that. Dolly had been struggling with illness for the past few months, she made a successful bounce back the 1st time round but sadly her little body couldn’t keep up the fight this 2nd time. We estimate that Dolly was 13+ years old. We want to extend our thanks to the staff at the Topsail Road Vet clinic for providing such great care for Dolly and thank you to all the volunteers who showed her so much love over the years. Dolly Pops, you will be missed.
Beagle Paws Volunteers

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