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Dave is a 6 year old beagle looking for his forever home! He is a dog that needs an experienced owner that will respect his space. He is extremely sweet and friendly, but he is not the cuddly type. He needs a home were the owner is going to recognize the signs Dave gives when he is uncomfortable. Dave is respectful of cats and would probably do best in a home with no other dogs. He has met dogs he has disliked and some that he has liked. Usually he is vocal when he sees another dog. Dave is just looking for his second chance!

Note:Dave is located with Homeward Bound City Pound in Dartmouth, Nova Scotia. If you would like to know more about Dave please contact them at or check out their website: Homeward Bound.

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A tribute to Kirby

I had been kicking the curb at Beagle Paws for many years – donating money, supplies, and I had even fostered a couple of times for brief periods. The organization always fascinated me because I had a Beagle once, many moons ago, and loved the breed.

In 2012 I started doing regular shifts and this was when I met Kirby. Kirby was a funny little Beagle. He just liked to pace, walk, prance around all the time. This guy would not sit down – ever. I finally asked someone what was up with him always walking around and wished I hadn’t asked the question. I was told Kirby had been tied to a doghouse on a very short chain for the past 13 years. The dog “house” was no house at all. What he was tied to was a small uninsulated shack, and he had probably received no human or canine companionship at all. He arrived at Beagle Paws and could barely walk– he was in such terrible shape from no veterinary care or exercise, his little body had seized up. Beagle Paws went to work. Kirby got the care and medication he needed, and his legs and back healed well – so well that now being free to walk around, he didn’t want to stop.

Now, usually when dogs come to the Beagle Paws office, they don’t tend to stay. They find foster homes and adoptive homes within a day, a week or a few months at most. I’m told one of the girls attempted to take Kirby home too, but he wouldn’t have it. After so many years with no one, Kirby liked to be in the middle of it all, and the office is a busy place where volunteers and visitors abound. He thrived there, and it felt right to have him there.

Kirby was the kind of dog that you always knew was there but he was never demanding. He would often get knocked over because he was in the middle of the younger dogs roughhousing. He loved to be in the middle of the action, but never wanted to be the centre of attention. (A trait I could relate to.)

By the time I had gotten heavily involved with Beagle Paws, Kirby was doing great. I would have never known he had been so frail. Within a year I found myself on the Beagle Paws executive – the 13th member. Thirteen is normally associated with unlucky, and the other execs poke fun at me for this.

As my first year went on, Kirby’s pacing was starting to slow. His back legs would give out from time to time, but he’d get right back up. We got him acupuncture (which has excellent results for many Beagles) and he would come back as good as new. During this time we celebrated Kirby’s 16th birthday. I’ll never forget it because the girls decorated the office and people dropped by with gifts. He even wore a bowtie. Other dogs came and went but Kirby persevered.

Before Christmas, he took a turn for the worse. His little legs just couldn’t hold him up anymore, but do you think he gave up – no sir! Kirby was a fighter and just when we thought it was his time, he would rebound and fool us all. During this time I saw what Beagle Paws is really made of. Since joining, we did lose a couple of our dogs, but they had gotten ill quickly and a decision was made right then and there. With Kirby, it was different. His mind was sharp. His organs were fine. It was his body that was failing him – thanks to years and years of neglect even Beagle Paws couldn’t undo.

When Kirby’s legs did fail and he didn’t rebound, a decision was made to let him go with dignity. That was a couple of weeks ago, and it’s just now that I can sit down and write about it. I would have never forgotten Kirby anyway, but now I’ll always remember him as the one who taught me that this rescue organization is not like any other. These women treat these dogs like their very own and let them live and die with the utmost dignity and love. I can remember looking at Kirby so many times and my heart would hurt knowing how he had lived, but I’m often told they have short memories, so I like to think all he could remember is how his last years were, with us. He was one of the lucky ones.

Speaking of lucky, if there is one thing I know, there is nothing unlucky about being #13. In fact, I think it’s the best number I’ve ever drawn.

RIP Kirby. xo


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Dolly says Hello!

Hi everyone, this is Dolly. Now that sweet Kirby has crossed the Rainbow Bridge, Dolly is Beagle Paws’ longest resident, but I don’t think she minds. Dolly was dumped over our fence on New Year’s Eve a couple of years ago and ever since she’s ruled the roost. She loves the finer things in life – like pearls – as you can see. Dolly is up there in age, but she still enjoys a short stroll, and long car rides. Drop by and say hello sometime!

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Kirby turns 16!

On Monday June 17, Kirby celebrated his 16th birthday. Kirby is our oldest shelter dog and has been with Beagle Paws for the past 2 years. Before being rescued by Beagle Paws, Kirby spent the first 14 years of his life chained to a dog house. He had nowhere to walk but in a semi circle. Other than some neck issues, which he receives acupuncture treatments for, he is in great health for an “old feller”.
Since coming to Beagle Paws Kirby enjoys his walks every day. He loves walking around the shelter continuously following everyone around. He doesn’t want to miss anything…he has a lot to catch upon.
Today Kirby celebrated his birthday in style with a party! He had his very own cake (of course he shared with the others like a gentleman would), gifts, party hats and balloons and lots of friends (human and canine) attended. He even wore a bow-tie. (Check out the pic!)
Happy birthday Kirby. We love you.
Love your Beagle Paws family.

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In Memory of Sally

Beagle Paws co-founder Sheila Lewis lost a very special friend lately. Her Beagle Sally crossed the rainbow bridge in May.
Here’s what Sheila had to say about Sally.

Our little Sally passed away after a short battle with cancer. She was out lying on the grass enjoying the sun and took a turn for the worst, by the time we got her to the clinic she was gone.

Sally was one of the very first rescues through Beagle Paws and a very personal one for me, as Chris (my husband) made the initial visit with me out to a small rural community to see her. She was living outside as a stray with a litter of pups (a local person was feeding her). On the way home we had to come up with a name for her and we both spontaneously picked “Sally” at the same time.

The next weekend, Elizabeth Lockyear and Annette Anthony (both original founders of Beagle Paws) made the trip out with me to collect Sally and her pups. It was quite an adventure, on our way we spotted another mommy beagle (who was later rescued with her pups and we named her “Scarlet”).

Sally had a great life after she was rescued and was the best dog I have ever known. There will never be another Sally.

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The joys of fostering

Baxter and Becca’s foster Mom wanted to share some photos with us. Becca woke up every day of her life in an outdoor pen like many other unfortunate beagles in our province.

Little did she know that on the morning of April 15, 2013, life as she knew it would change. Now she has a loving foster home and a foster brother – Baxter – to cuddle up with. Her foster mom says thanks to the volunteers at Beagle Paws because now Becca is on the inside looking out and food, water and love is abundant.

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Suzie and Max: a love story

Suzie is Beagle Paws’ resident cuddler. It’s usually Wendell who gets in on the cuddling with just about anyone who will oblige him but today it was Max who was the object of Suzie’s affections. You can see by the progression

of these photos that she took her time moving in on a sleeping Max. Too sweet! Both of these wonderful dogs are up for adoption through Beagle Paws.

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Humphrey the charmer

Humphrey is one of our Beagle Paws dogs who has been around awhile. He’s currently at the shelter but is always in the market for a foster home. He’s got the sweetest little face – and the volunteers all melt when he gives them that “look.” He also loves having his photo taken. Despite being on medications for this and that, Humphrey is like most beagles – very happy and easy going. He loves going for short walks and loves a good rub. Foster or adopt a Beagle today.
If you would like to contribute stories or photos to Beagle Tales, email

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Regular feature: Trail Sniffin’ With Griffin’

As a dog, there is nothing I like more than a romp in the wilderness. There are so many trails just minutes outside St. John’s there is no need to walk on boring sidewalks and sniff the spot the neighbours put their garbage every week (even though this can be interesting too).

I am pictured here hiking part of Father Troy’s Trail that leads from Torbay to Flatrock ( The view from Whale Cove is stunning, not to mention the scents from spring run-off that entice my beagle nose! So grab your human, jump over logs, splash through a brook and plan on doing a portion of the trail at least once a week over the summer. The fresh salty air is good for a dog’s mind, body and soul! Oh and the human’s too of course J

Licks & wags,


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Dog park exhaustion

After a great morning at the dog park, some of the Beagle Paws shelter dogs are taking a break. Check out Humphrey, Suzie and Max after a great run at the dog park near Bowring Park.

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