“Piper” (March, 2001 – July 15, 2017)

Piper Pomeroy Johnstone-Lawton
(March, 2001 – July 15, 2017)

Piper the big, beautiful beagle was 5-years old when he burst out of his dog crate at Calgary International Airport in June of 2005, and when he immediately landed in his new family’s hearts.

Born in Paradise, Newfoundland, Piper passed away peacefully in Calgary, Alberta, at the ripe old age of 16 years, 4 months, with his family by his side.

Piper was a well-travelled beagle, who’d placed a paw in five provinces (and who’d managed to run away from his worried family in at least four). Piper made friends wherever he went thanks to his gentlemanly demeanour and relaxed outlook on life, and his quest for adventure never faltered. Just a few weeks before saying farewell, Piper shuffled out of the garden gate with his nose down.

Thank-you, Beagle Paws, for sharing this great fellow with us – we’ll continue to hold him in our hearts.

You’re a such good boy, Piper, and we love you forever.

Robb, Val, Nic & Holly Johnstone
Calgary, Alberta

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