“Charlie” (2006-May 5, 2017)

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His name was Loki when we adopted him from Beagle Paws in early 2006 and he had no manners, was bossy and all together a handful. He would climb onto kitchen counters, steal food from closed cupboards and ate I don’t know how many toys, blankets, and whatever else he could get at.

We changed his name to Charlie, taught him some manners and he was the best dog in the world. He was still a bit of a handful when he was young but he grew up into the smartest dog you could ever find. The place we board our dogs at had a note on his file to indicate that he was an escape artist. He could figure out how to escape from his kennel and would then let the other dogs out of their kennels.

Being a beagle, he had a nose for food and would manage to find any scrap or morsel of food within a 50′ radius. He would push a chair up to the counter, jump onto it and then steal anything that was left out. He ate anything, whether it be sugar, pancake batter, or anything else but the thing he loved most of all though was butter.

He was loving, beautiful and a wonderful big brother to Beagle Paws alumni Tula and Cooper. He taught them all of his tricks and was very proud of himself. He had a real swagger to his walk and loved any kind of attention. As soon as you sat down, he would be right there trying to get onto your lap.

He was diagnosed with cancer this past week and it broke our hearts. Our Charlie went to the Rainbow Bridge on Friday May 5, 2017 and we will miss him always.

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