Animal testing in Canada

Friends of Beagle Paws,

We have sent the following Letter to the Prime Minister of Canada regarding our reaction to the current way animals are being used for experimental testing for several products right here in Canada. Many of these animals are Beagles who never seen the light of day and live short, painful lives. They are used because of their docile, gentle nature and because they rarely lash out at researchers.

Below is a list of Companies who test on animals. We respectfully ask that donations of supplies for our shelter do not come these or any company who tests on animals and we will decline these donations.

A petition is circulating that we encourage all of our supports to sign, and we also encourage you all to refrain from using and buying products tested on animals where-ever possible.

Please write to your Member of Parliament about this issue. You can find them by entering your postal code here:
CLICK HERE Companies-That-Do-Test-On-Animals-new (1)

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