I got my Hudson dog through beagle paws 9 years ago. He was 6 at the time and had had a rough start to his life. His nose was crooked, his ribs had been broken and healed a few times and he was missing his tail. We called it the Hud nub. I even trimmed his long “nub” hairs. It didn’t stop him from wagging that bit of tail as hard as he could when he saw me.

When I picked him up he escaped out of my car within 10 minutes and all I could think was “so this is how it’s going to be.” I chased him through bush and even dove through a fence to catch him. I didn’t care because he was much Hud and I knew his nose meant trouble.

Hudson got free range of the farm and was with me everywhere I went. We moved and grew but it always the two of us. When I first got Hud I was going through a really rough time. Last month I landed my dream job and finally started figuring my life out. Today I had to put Hudson down after a tumor ruptured in his gut. He was 16. I guess he figured I could take care of myself from now on. I am having a hard time with him going because when I had to deal with death in the past I had his fur to comfort me. I would hold him close and smell his dusty warm fur (he was always in stuff and dusty) and I felt safe.

Hudson was family and if anyone can give love to these special dogs they should. My life is better because of my sweet, kind, chicken loving mutt.


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