March 24, 2012 to June 5, 2015

He did everything in a BIG way – his way & in his own time.

His personality was certainly memorable: a bit stubborn, singular, somewhat bossy as he got older, and most definitely his own. And I loved every bit of him & that BIG personality of his.

He loved his food dispensing toys and treats, especially when they were hidden & he could find them to be rewarded for the effort. He’d dance for people food, his favourites roast turkey and vanilla ice cream.

Basil loved to go to the park. So many different smells to sniff, balls to run after, dogs & people to say hello to. In the summer he liked to swim – he wasn’t great at it, with his big body and short legs, but you could tell he liked it, so long as you didn’t rush him or the current wasn’t strong.

He fought his cancer in a big way too. Basil went into a remission 4 times – twice the average – but the 5th time was too much for his beagle body to take on. He had the heart of a lion, he really did.

With that tremendous heart, Basil showed love and devotion in the way only a dog can: circling around my feet whenever I came through a door, licking tears away when I was upset, kisses and kisses and kisses to wake me up to face the new day together.

Basil lived 13 wonderful, playful, squirrel chasing years. He was a good boy. He will be missed by many. But especially by me. His Mom.

Jackie Cochrane
Calgary, Alberta

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