“Dolly Pops” (June 2014)

It is with a very heavy heart that we have to tell you all that one of our long time shelter beagles, “Dolly” passed away yesterday. “Dolly Pops” as most people know her as, was abandoned at our shelter one New Year’s eve over 3 years ago. Although Dolly spent most of her days at our shelter she had many outings and sleep overs with the volunteers and as of late was in a shared custody foster home situation. She had 2 foster Mom’s, now it couldn’t get much better than that. Dolly had been struggling with illness for the past few months, she made a successful bounce back the 1st time round but sadly her little body couldn’t keep up the fight this 2nd time. We estimate that Dolly was 13+ years old. We want to extend our thanks to the staff at the Topsail Road Vet clinic for providing such great care for Dolly and thank you to all the volunteers who showed her so much love over the years. Dolly Pops, you will be missed.
Beagle Paws Volunteers

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