“Sally” (2003 – May 2013)

Beagle Paws co-founder Sheila Lewis lost a very special friend lately. Her Beagle Sally crossed the rainbow bridge in May.
Here’s what Sheila had to say about Sally.

Our little Sally passed away after a short battle with cancer. She was out lying on the grass enjoying the sun and took a turn for the worst, by the time we got her to the clinic she was gone.

Sally was one of the very first rescues through Beagle Paws and a very personal one for me, as Chris (my husband) made the initial visit with me out to a small rural community to see her. She was living outside as a stray with a litter of pups (a local person was feeding her). On the way home we had to come up with a name for her and we both spontaneously picked “Sally” at the same time.

The next weekend, Elizabeth Lockyear and Annette Anthony (both original founders of Beagle Paws) made the trip out with me to collect Sally and her pups. It was quite an adventure, on our way we spotted another mommy beagle (who was later rescued with her pups and we named her “Scarlet”).

Sally had a great life after she was rescued and was the best dog I have ever known. There will never be another Sally.

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