“Hooligan” (2004-June 25, 2013)

EULOGY FOR HOOLIGAN – 2004 – June 25th,2013

We lost our sweet little baby girl Hooligan. She was 9 yrs old when she passed away. We got her at age 2 from our Vet. You see people, the ones that owned her would beat her so bad that it gave her cauliflower ears. They told the Vet’s Office if they didn’t find a home for her to put her down when they closed.

So here is our story of how our beautiful little Hooligan came to live with us.

I had lost by Siberian Husky named Lakota to kidney failure who passed away in April 2006. I was sitting outside of Co-op waiting for Michael to get off work on a sunny June day. I looked up at the sky and said Lakota please give me a sign to let me know that you are okay and lord and behold this little Beagle showed up and ran into a spot by the Co-op which you could only get out the same way you went in. I watched for about 20 minutes and nothing was happening so I got out of the car and looked around and the dog was gone. When Michael comes out I tell him about it and we looked around some more and then we see her way across the parking lot and someone is picking her up. This was on a Thursday and I just kept thinking about her. Late Monday night into Tuesday morning one of our cats named Tank gets sick, you see Tank & Lakota were very close. We go to the Vet’s and Tank has to have emergency surgery and they didn’t know if he was going to make it or not. Now here is where it gets real good. I kept going in all Tuesday to check on Tank and Wednesday at lunch hour I go in to bring Tank his get well cards and the girls say go right in. They all knew that we were thinking of getting another dog. When I go into see Tank he is recovering really well. I see this Beagle in a kennel and she is crying and she is beautiful. The staff had followed me into the room and they opened the door to the kennel and the little Beagle came running into my arms giving me kisses and the staff told me they needed a home for her before 5 o’clock tonight for her owners said if they can’t find a home to put her down. I looked at this dog and said OMG I recognized her by her purple dog collar so I told the story about Lakota and I took the little Beagle home so that she could begin her new life with us and be part of our family.

Hooligan had a unique personality and trust me folks her name suited her to a “T” but in a good way. She loved all our cats and Hooligan and Tank became best of friends. We never had to worry about our cats having dirty ears for she was always cleaning them and even tried to clean ours a few times. Hooligan went every where with us and stayed in a lot of hotels when we would go on vacation. Hooligan would let us know if she didn’t like the hotel and we would never go back to those ones, she loved to go camping and had her own little chair and would sit around the bonfire with everyone. Oh and when she snored wow was it loud so I would Video her and then show her. I could go on & on about her. Then 3 years ago a stray dog showed up at our house scared and starving, should I say more we kept her and named her HeyGirl. Hooligan and our cats fell in love with HeyGirl and they all became very close friends. Hooligan taught HeyGirl how to crack open peanuts and to eat vegetables. When we would take the dogs for a walk one of our cats that goes outside Tank would come with us and we called them the 3 Amigos.

Hooligan had a lot of problems with her ears so we did everything we could do for her and sadly to say Hooligan took sick the end of May/2013. She was doing really well and on June 20th the Vet said this is the best that her ears have every looked and on Monday June 24th she took a turn for the worst and passed away in the wee hours of June 25th/2013. We are now just waiting for her ashes to come home so she can be placed on the stand next to Lakota. Hooligan was my shadow and attached to my hip and has been there for me after I had my brain surgery.

We miss you so much Hooligan and we are so very grateful to have been chosen to give you 7 awesome years and I know that we will meet again at Rainbow Bridge. Sweetie you are now healthy and running around all over the place with Lakota & SoBad.

Mommy, Daddy, HeyGirl, and the cats Tank, Stympie, Mikey, Tuffy and the 2 fishes miss you so very much and would do anything in this world to be able to hold you and kiss you once again. You touched our hearts and gave us so much joy and we thank you for that. Until we meet again Hooligan take care. xoxox ♥ ♥ ♥

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