“Stormy” (June 2013)

? to June 20, 2013

We were not sure of the life you lived before us or just how old you were but when you came to us you were half the size of our first beagle Ginger and we jokingly said that we should send you back or get half our money back.

A friend to all dogs you captured the hearts of everyone you met as you pranced around. You were feisty and a fighter but loved people. We remember the several times you escaped and could hear you as you caught the scent of something up on the hill and howled and howled off in the distance then came back and slept for hours sucking on your favorite blanket. Those were the good years.

Then you started to cough and refused to go for walks and your breathing got funny. You had suddenly gotten very old and had a hard time to go up and down 3 steps. It was so terrible to watch you suffer. It was with heavy hearts that on June 20, 2013 Shirley & I made the decision to let you go with dignity. We wanted to give you the opportunity to once again prance around proudly with your new friends we know you will make little Stormy.

We would do or give anything to have you back. We miss you so much. You are, and will always be, truly missed. We do have peace now knowing that you are no longer suffering.
We thank you for being such an important part of our lives and we know you will be waiting at the Rainbow Ridge to see us all again. You are walking around in our minds right now with big paws mister.

We’d like to thank Beagle Paws for allowing us to adopt both Ginger and Stormy and for providing all your rescue beagles the opportunity to experience genuine love (no matter how long or short the time) before they to cross over this same bridge.

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