“Evey” (April 2013)

It’s been a month since my beautiful Evey passed on to a better place. I miss her more and more every day.
I began fostering Evey in December of 2011 as a long term foster. The petite girl had a big personality. From the moment she sat on my Dad’s feet at the Beagle Paws Shelter and stared up with her glassy eyes, we knew she would be a big part of our lives. From her cute wobbly strut, to her flip floppy ears, every part of her personality took up a big place in my heart. At the time I was struggling with my own health issues, and I needed her companionship as much as she needed mine. We took care of each other and became the best of friends. She came everywhere with me. She liked to sleep most of the day. But if I moved, she followed right behind me. For instance, when I would shower, she would wake up, waddle in the bathroom and poke her head in behind the shower curtain to make sure I was still there. More than once she knocked over all the shampoos while taking a look. Then, she would lie on the bath mat until I was done. I swear, if I could have put her in a baby carrier, I would have taken her everywhere I went; as she was happiest when she was right by my side. If I left the house, she would cry at the front door until I came home. As a result, I would never leave her for very long.

Evey’s passing is still so new. I miss her so much. I catch myself trying to talk to her. Or, turning around and see if she is okay. I especially miss her sleeping between my feet and when I drive in the car. You see, Evey had a pink doggy seat belt, and she would sit in the back seat right behind me. She loved driving in the car. One time, after a walk downtown St. John’s last summer, she fell asleep in her pink seat belt with her head in her water dish. She was so tired she fell asleep while taking a drink. It was so cute.

Evey was such a unique and special dog. I am so sad that our time together was so short. However, the emotion is bittersweet because I am so grateful that we had that time together. I know she is in a better place where her illnesses no longer plague her. Evey had congestive heart failure, fluid on the lungs and disc disease. But she never let those illnesses get her down. Her strength and sunny disposition were inspiring. I try to channel her strength as I battle my own illnesses. Also, I tell myself “that when someone you love becomes a memory, the memory becomes a treasure” because that is truly how I feel. I treasure every moment that I spent with Evey. She left her paw print on my heart.

Megan Laite

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