“Jiggs” (March 2012)

My sweet Jiggs, it has been a year since you left and I’m still not sure it’s real. I finally tucked your collar and leash away in a safe spot but your meds still sit on the shelf waiting for you to come home. You were absolute joy to me. You filled my life with your grace. I’m convinced you were heaven sent. I still can’t believe that God chose me to care for you. How come I was the one who was blessed? It was an honour and privilege to have been allowed to have had you in my life. God bless you my darling.



As I see the Gates of Heaven
And I know I’m headed home
I see the great St. Peter
But alas, he’s not alone.

The tears have blurred my vision
But I’d know him anywhere
He sits and waits so patiently
He knows I’ll soon be there.

I drop to my knees and call his name
He responds with bounding glee
He whines and he cries
The joy is in his eyes
He’s waited so patiently.

I know it’s truly Heaven
For that it’s plain to see
My faithful friend and companion
Is once again with me.

…Kathleen Thompson

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