“Murphy” needs your HELP !

UPDATE: Dec. 11, Murphy had a recheck exam last night and passed with flying colors, his surgery was a success and now he can look for his forever home.

UPDATE: Dec. 2nd, Murphy had his surgery is past week, besides a few minor complications that we are hoping he will overcome, he is doing very well.

UPDATE: Nov. 28th, It is a go for his surgery for Thursday. His lungs have improved enough to go ahead. Thanks to all that donated so far and we are still accepting donations to help cover the cost of having his tumors removed.

Hi, My name is Murphy and I am very new to Beagle Paws. I was found after being hit by a car but as you can see I am doing ok from that. Whew! I am told though that I have a very large tumor that needs to be removed on my bum. I can tell you that it is very uncomfortable right now but I am scheduled to have it removed on Thursday by a very nice vet. The surgery is going to be expensive so if you could help out with a donation that would be great!

You can donate by PayPal below or you can send an email money tranfer to info@beaglepaws.com

THANK YOU to the below people for their kind donations.
R. Whittington, T. Russell, J. Kavanagh, J. Froude, J. Inguaggiato, A. Roy, J. Holden, T. Walsh, H. Bowering, I. Tremblay, S. Meza, D. Hutchison, D. Scott, S. McKenzie, N. Abbott, N. Whynot, A. Morris

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