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“Sherlock” (Oct. 2011)

I knew from the moment I picked Sherlock up at the airport and he gave me a great big kiss on the lips that this guy was special. My daughter was with me when we picked him up and she rode in the backseat with him on the way to his foster families house. She says “Mom ….I want him”. Of course I say we cant keep them all.
He was foster by a loving family in Kelowna for a month and then adopted. He was with his new family for a week when he ruptured his disc in his neck. The family then gave him back to Beagle Paws and he came to my family to be cared for.
It amazes me how you can fall in love with an animal in such a short time. We knew that if he got through all of this that he would forever have been a part of our Beagle pack.
Sadly today, we had to put Sherlock down as his condition and pain were so severe.
He will be forever in our hearts ♥
The Monti family and Beagle Paws

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“Missy” (Oct. 2011)

“Misunderstood” Missy

All the beagles who come to Beagle Paws are special in their own way.

Well Missy was even more special. Those of us who really took the time and patience to look past her “issues” and see the true sweet girl inside will be forever blessed to have known this very sweet (and very misunderstood) little girl.

Missy, you are and will always be “special” to everyone at Beagle Paws and anyone who knew the real Missy.

You are gone, but will never be forgotten.
volunteers of Beagle Paws

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