UPDATE on “Keeper”

THANK YOU to everyone who donated and sent along their best wishes for a speedy recovery for Keeper.
Here is an update on her…
In late April Keeper was released from the vet clinig. She had spent two weeks under the care of Dr. Colin Sereda and staff at the Western Veterinary Specialist Centre in Edmonton. Dr. Sereda is optimistic that she will make a good recovery.
Keeper had fractured her back and had sustained multiple fractures to her pelvis. In spite of her injuries and three surgeries to repair her fractured pelvis, she is doing very well. As of now she walks with a sling as she has minimal use of her back legs, however, she does exceedingly well motoring around on her front legs. She is attentive and alert. She’s eating like a piggy and can’t get to sleep until she has rearranged her bed to meet her standards. Beagle Paws would like to extend its gratitude to Dr. Sereda and the staff at the clinic for their excellence in care and to everyone who has made a donation to Keepers’ veterinary expenses.

Keeper’s Story…
“KEEPER” is a 1 ½ year old beagle in care with Edmonton Beagle Paws who is now at the vet clinic in critical condition.

This is her story.
My name is Keeper and I have a story to tell. I came to Beagle Paws because the lady I was staying with couldn’t keep me. Beagle Paws found a kind, caring foster home for me to live in while they looked for my forever home. I had such a good time in my foster home playing with the resident dog and cuddling in front of the TV. But I’m still a beagle and following my nose got me in really bad trouble this time. I didn’t watch where I was going and got hit by a car. I don’t remember much; people surrounding me and covering me with a blanket. Then the trip to the emergency pet hospital with the lady from Beagle Paws and a kind young man cradling me in his arms. I cried and cried. I hurt so much.

I can’t believe this has happened to me. After all I had been through I was finally living a dog’s dream; a warm, safe place to sleep, good food, long walks and people who really love me. My future was so bright. I had so much to look forward to and it was all gone.
I’m still in the emergency hospital. I sustained trauma to my back and have multiple fractures to my pelvis. I will need several surgeries to repair everything. I am going to be here for a long time.

When you rub the magic lamp and a genie appears you get three wishes. I have three wishes. My first wish is to get better and be adopted. Wish number two is to ask for your prayers for my recovery and help with my veterinary care. My last wish is a plea that you really reconsider letting your companion off leash in an unfenced yard. As much as we may love you and want to obey sometimes instinct is just too strong to ignore. All it takes is once and we could be gone forever.
Thanks for reading my story. And if the genie looks kindly upon me and grants me my wishes maybe we’ll meet one day.

Donations to help “Keeper” can be made directly to:
Western Veterinary Specialist Centre. 11104 – 102 Avenue NW, Edmonton, AB T5K 2H4.
Phone 780-433-8381

Donate through PayPal to help Keeper

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