Sam (2005 – August 2010)

You were only to stay with me for a week but somehow you managed to creep your way into my heart. In the beginning you were so skinny and fragile but I watched you flourish in a few short weeks. I saw the life come back into your eyes and it did my heart good when I saw you begin to play like any other dog and I got such a kick watching your whole behind wag when I came through the door.

I wanted to hold you and love you for a long time but I only had a few short months. We did all we could do for you but still your illness progressed and I knew it was time to let you go. I am so grateful for the time we had together and I am happy to know that you had all the loved you deserved. I will miss you Sam and never forget you.

Love Mom and your furry girlfriends Bailey, Emma, Makayla and Haley.

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