Bentley (Ben) October 17, 1996 – May 2, 2010

How does one encapsulate the essence of a beagle and, in particular, our Bentley? We want to share with you two of Ben’s favourite activities.

Ben loved to go for car rides, especially long ones that ended up in a campground in the mountains somewhere. Camping and hiking were his “thing.” He had the stamina to do 24 km hikes, come back to camp and gorge on dinner, chase a few squirrels, and then flop down in the tent with his nose sticking out just to make sure he wasn’t missing anything. Ben was equally at home in expensive hotels and, believe it or not, understood the “no howling” rule and obliged.

Ben also loved to open gifts – his or anyone’s. He was always ready and willing to lend a nose and a paw to the unwrapping of any gift within his reach. You would think he had opposable thumbs given his talent for getting into all sorts of packages.

Bentley was an only dog, much loved and pampered by his human mommy and daddy, and now very much missed. Thank you, Beagle Paw, for permitting us to post this memorial tribute.

Valerie and Jeff Millar

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