Poppy (Mar. 2010) and Ali (Nov. 2009)

We recently lost two of our beagles: Ali in November of 2009 and Poppy in March 2010. Poppy came to us from Beagle Paws in February of 2006. They loved each other as much as we loved them.

We don’t really have the words to describe our loss. We only know we gave both Ali and Poppy all we could and everything they deserved (Ali loved to ‘borrow’ shoes and Poppy liked her coffee in the morning)! They gave us nothing but unconditional love every second of everyday. They both had Cushings disease and God kindly let them pass quietly in their own beds at home.

We will be forever grateful that we knew these two beautiful, kind and loving beagles who will always be in our hearts. We know they are together again in heaven.

We miss them dearly.

Alistair and Sonja Cameron (and Daisy, Nippy and George – the rest of our beagle family).

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