Spanky (Jan. 1995 – Nov. 2009)

Spanky Hercules Fitzpatrick was born on January 24, 1995 and was a litter of one, he was such a big pup. His mother Nibbles was a Beagle, his father Tubby was an Australian Cattle Dog. Spanky looked like his dad, but inherited the Beagle personality. He lived his whole life with us, and we cherished every moment of it.

He was our angel, he would make us laugh with his antics.

In 2003, we had to put his buddy Zack to sleep and how Spanky grieved for that cat. In order to give him some comfort, we adopted Charlie from Beagle Paws, and the two of them became fast friends. In 2008, Spanky was ill and spent a considerable amount of time in hospital. Charlie was frantic without him, and so we adopted Tula, also from Beagle Paws, so that Charlie would have company if something should happen to Spanky. Spanky recovered and came home and then we had three beagles.

There is nothing like a beagle in the house to make you feel loved; can you imagine what it is like with three?

Spanky grew older and started to suffer from the common complaints of old age. On November 10, 2009, he was sent to be with his mom, dad and his buddy Zack and now he is free of his pain.

We will cherish his memory forever, and will miss him dearly.

Mike & Anita Fitzpatrick and his best-buddies Charlie & Tula Fitzpatrick

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