Logei (August 2009)


We were the bridge between what was and what could be
We were the pathway to a new life
We are made of mush, our hearts melted when we first saw you
Scared and unsure, lonely, feeling unwanted and afraid to love
You will be ours forever
We will feed you, care for your every need
We will love you with all our hearts
We will make you whole again
After loosing two beagles only months ago
People say we have courage
Logei gave us the gift of courage
So sorrowfully endowed
Through these last few days
It was Logei who had the courage
The cancer is progressing
You’re no longer well
Your eyes no longer shine
Your tail no longer wags
Now comes the difficult decision
We must let you go
There will be many tears
But no regrets
Even for a short time
You had a forever home
But tomorrow will never come

Thank you to all of Logei’s doctors and our friends for you continued support.

Deborah and Peter Dixon
Nikki, Austin, Ryeleigh(Dixon critters left behind)

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