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Polly (August 2009)

I thought I was adopting a senior dog? That was my first thought as I was dragged through the airport at top
speed in tow of a dog that had to pee very badly. Polly was a little firecracker of a 12 year old as we would find out in short order. She was mostly deaf and I fell in love as soon as I saw her picture. In the first few days I was amazed to watch her romp and bounce around the backyard and the house (especially at feeding time) and astounded to watch her outdistance my other younger dogs. She was so soft and snuggly and I just couldn’t believe that I had adopted an angel such as this. Her eyes sparkled with mischief and love.

I prepared myself to only have her for one Christmas. I spoiled her rotten and thanked my lucky stars she had at least that much time. Then came her October birthday and I spoiled her rotten and was happy for a whole year. After 3 Christmases together I was so grateful to have been able to give her some happy years after a life I couldn’t imagine before she found her way to Beagle Paws. I am so grateful to Sheila and Chantelle for caring for her until this special girl could come enrich my life in so many ways I am still counting. The last few months were so hard to watch her lose her ability to walk most days and seem to withdraw. I would have carried her up the stairs to bed every night for the rest of my life if she didn’t look up at me in those final days as if to say “I am ready to run again mommy. I am ready to go to the bridge”. It was the worst decision and the hardest, but I know in my heart it was the right one for her. I ache with the loneliness her absence has left, but I see her in my minds eye running again with Callie and smile with the tears.

Run free little girl….I’ll see you again.

April & Dale (Calgary)

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