Callie (June 2009)

Callie was our savior. She came to us as an angel and a miracle. We had just lost our beagle Capone and after taking some time to mourn his colossal loss we decided a little girl would best suit our other beagle Bugsey. I said I would like a little lemon coloured girl and I wanted to rescue this time having done more research. We contacted a few rescues and thankfully Beagle Paws had exactly what we were looking for. We drove down on our wedding anniversary trip to see her. A week later we brought Bugsey to meet her. It was unanimous…..we loved her.

Callie was a reject. Some family said she didn`t play enough, wasn`t snuggly and they gave her back. That was our lucky day. They didn`t know that she didn`t know how to do those things. That no one had given her the chance to be a playful pup and she was shy around children. With very little time and effort we turned our girl into a snuggly little dancing machine.

We gave her permission to be a dog and she blossomed. A bit of positive reinforcement and persistence and she could tolerate children. A few treats and some love and she was no longer afraid of loud noises. She was the perfect dog. Everyone who met her wanted a dog just like her. She came to do home visits and charmed all. I think Callie alone is responsible for rehoming more dogs than I am.

Then she developed Cancer. We did all we could to save our brave girl. She went through rounds of Chemotherapy and was the first dog in Western Canada to receive directional radiation treatments. She did her best every day to keep smiling and put her best paw forward despite infections and pneumonia. Even to her very last week she was going around to the other sick dogs in the hospital to visit and greeting the doctors and techs with a wag. She tried so hard to stay, but her tiny body just couldn`t take it anymore. She took on last struggled breath and lay down and never took another.

I miss her so much still it is hard to breath. I am torn between wishing I could still snuggle
my little Lou and happy that she is out of pain and playing with Capone at Rainbow
Bridge. Her special spirit came from heaven and has returned.

April and Dale
Calgary, AB

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