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Hershey (February 2009)

I’ll never forget that night when we first met you, the beagle that would become our beautiful baby boy. You created such a fuss that night and I thought your dad was crazy to want to bring you home. He knew from the moment he saw you that you were the one, but I wasn’t convinced. It took nearly a month for me to warm up to the idea of you being the one that would change our lives forever and I am so thankful that I fell in love with you.

You were such a unique boy and we loved you more and more each and every day. We loved hearing you squeak your football over and over again, despite it being so annoying at times. We would give anything to hear that squeak once again and to see your happy face when you got a new toy. Your love of toys was like no other we have seen before… simply couldn’t get enough of them and I guess we were partly to blame. You were definitely a little spoiled when it came to getting a new toy every time we went to the store, but we couldn’t resist seeing that face when you found it in the bag.

There are so many memories that we will never forget, memories that made you so special to us and everyone that met you. How could we ever forget how you loved to make a comfy bed in the clean laundry in the chair; how you had to check each and every bag when we came from the store to see if there was anything special in it for you, which in most cases there was; how you loved to sing for your mommy and daddy, especially when I played the recorder; how you were so mischievous and would steal a full bag of treats or anything that was in your reach when we weren’t looking; how you would stomp your paws and try to “talk” to us when you wanted something or was excited; and how that little stumpy tail wagged like crazy all of the time.

I will be forever grateful that your dad fell in love with you the moment he met you that first night. You were a perfect match for our family, a family of three that will never be the same without you.
You are forever loved and missed more than anything in this world.

Mommy and Daddy
Patricia and Paul

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