Jayk (March 1996 – January 2009)

I can hardly see through the tears…..today we sent our best friend of 11 years somewhere he had to go, where pain and sickness he won’t have to know. He’s been with us ever since he was 1 ½ years (we were his fourth home)….today we’ve had to give him up. He was sick, we both knew and we wouldn’t put him through it.

Thinking back to when Peter brought him home, I told him that I didn’t want him (you see he peed on my fireplace and couch 30 seconds upon entering for the first time). I can’t believe I felt that way, didn’t know in the end, he would be my dearest friend, didn’t know that Jayk would be the greatest gift that ever came our way.

How did we deserve a friend who wanted just to serve? When we looked into his eyes, never did he criticize. Never did he hold a grudge, nor did he try to judge.

One year ago, on an anxious day, heart disease was detected, nothing much that we could do but keep him comfy until he’s through. The past few weeks we had to try to find a way to say goodbye and in that time we told him more than ever before just how much we loved him so.

Then today was no mistaking, we made the decision, our heart was breaking. We got down on the floor by our boy who was dying, and we just didn’t care who saw us crying.

As Jayk slipped away, the last things he felt were the kisses and hugs of his family who knelt on his “blankey” beside him to bid him goodbye, who had just one more minute to tell him, to try to say thanks to our boy for a lifetime of love. Dear God let us see him in heaven above, but for now, please hold him, watch over his rest, if he wakes in your arms tell him we will love him forever.

Jayk lost his battle with heart disease today, we promised him 11 years ago that he would endure no more suffering and today we honored that promise and let him go…….

Jayk was 35 lbs of pure love and faithfulness to us and all that crossed his path.

Thank you to all who touched Jayk’s life. A special thank you to Dr. Susan, who without hesitation, went above and beyond the call of duty.

Peter and Deborah Dixon
Nikki,Austin,Ryeleigh (the Dixon critters left behind)

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