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Promoted to Glory January 19, 2008

How do you put into words the enormity of our loss when you left us?
Smokey was a very special beagle. Our time with him began in May of 2004 after Beagle Paws had nursed him back to health following atrocious abuse. When he was picked up he was 15 pounds and was so lacking in muscle and fat that every rib was showing through his skin, but Smokey was a fighter. He knew that there was something amazing in store for him, so despite the odds Smokey lived the next 31/2 years of his life with no signs that he had been so badly treated in his first years.

Smokey loved people. It never mattered who came in the yard or to the door, all he ever wanted was a really good smell. He was gentle with babies, and always knew who he could convince to help him tear apart his stuffies with a good strong game of tug of war! Smokey’s sniffer was fantastic! He followed the trail so well that he would walk right over the cat or bird or rabbit that he was after in order to keep on the trail! Always good for a laugh! Oh, and how he loved to track the snakes and crickets in the yard, as his eyebrows would go up in the thrill of the hunt, his tail at attention and his posture so strong.

Remember the time that you escaped the yard and then howled in the front yard of the neighbours behind us because you needed them to come out and phone mom and dad for your ride home? (laughs) You were so trusting that you believed the best of all people. We wish you had not found that broken piece of fence that day that you died, but we believe that you just kept following the trail as your soul left the earth and continued on to Rainbow Bridge. Keep on running, baby, play with your new friends and know that you will never be forgotten.

Smokey’s presence, his eyes, his ears, his warm cozy smell are all very missed, and will never be forgotten by the four members of his family that he left behind.

Brenda Shuttleworth and family

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