Moca (2008)

We just recently lost our beautiful Moca at the approximate age of 14, he was our first love & first introduction to living with a Beagle. We found Moca many years ago while out on an evening walk, he was head down & on a scent.

We took Moca home that night, hoping to find the owner in the morning, which we did but sadly for them they could no longer care for Moca, & our lives changed forever!

Moca, always knew what he wanted & when he wanted it! We miss him so very much! His brother Bootsie misses him dearly, as well as our other babes, Tootsie,Kelly & Shatzie, yes, as you may have guessed we have a houseful, but Bootsie being the only Beagle, all of our babes have been rescued.

Judy & Art Horton

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