Theolonius/Theo (June 10, 199 – July 24, 2007)

Theo was named after a great jazz musician, and his love of ‘singing’ was apparent to the entire neighborhood. He even taught our cocker spaniel Tucker to sing, and together with Reg and I (dad and mom) we would “pack howl” together at least once a day to get the yaya’s out. We can’t sing anymore- we have lost our lead.

We bought him an extra-large yard and he loved to sprint at top speed, baying the whole way and chasing anything that moved. He loved to play “range dog” by hunting mice in the fields by our home. Always up for a walk, tug or tag, Theo was equally happy to curl close and watch a movie. He wished we would share our popcorn more generously. He was a great conversationalist as well, and a superb listener. Theo loved his cocker spaniel brother Tucker, who misses him a lot, and cousin Piper, who welcomed him at the Rainbow Bridge. Theo passed peacefully after sudden complications during a battle with lymphosarcoma. We miss him terribly but are so blessed to have known him.

Gaylene Schreiber and Reg Wilkes, Leduc Alberta

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