Nicki (1992-2007)

Nicki was our family’s first dog, and she will always be number one with us.

She was the runt of her litter, and from the very first day that we brought her home, she endeared us all with her little quirks. She absolutely loved raw carrots, was terrified of storms, and would swish around on the floor on her back to ask for a belly rub. Nicki hated to see suitcases being brought out because she knew it meant that one of us was leaving her, and she would stick very close to those suitcases to make sure that no one left without saying goodbye to her. When she was excited, she would make her signature noise that was somewhere between a bark and a squeal. She was definitely a unique dog!

Some of our favorite memories of Nicki took place at the family cabin. She loved the boat ride on the way to the cabin, and used to get so excited upon seeing our wharf that she would try to jump out of the boat to swim towards it herself. If we put out any food for the birds or squirrels, she would get jealous, and she would collect it in her mouth, sneak off, and bury it in the woods…it took us a while to catch on to that trick of hers! After a long day of scampering around the woods, chasing birds and burying crumbs, she would curl up in front of the fire and wouldn’t budge until daylight.

Nicki was incredibly loyal, and she instinctively knew if anyone in the house was sad, angry, or ill. If something was bothering any of us, Nicki could sense it, and she wouldn’t leave our side. She always knew when we needed comforting, and her love and snuggles were always the best medicine.

Nicki died peacefully at home on Easter Sunday, in her sleep and surrounded by her family. We are devastated at losing her, but comforted by the fact that she did not suffer. She gave us fifteen amazing years and introduced us to the world of beagles, and we will be eternally grateful for the joy that she has brought to our family and our friends. There will never be another Nicki.

Nicki girl, we will love you and miss you always.

Doug, Helen, Melissa, and Jon and her beagle sisters Patti and Abby

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