Lady (June 1990 – November 2006)

It’s been just over a year Since Lady died, and I miss her everyday. My family got Lady when I was 5, and after having her for 16 years she was more like another kid in the family then a pet. She was even in our family photos when I was 10.

Lady was an awesome dog she’d never bark, Never bit a sole. Before she lost her hearing she never missed a beat. you couldn’t whisper the work “walk” and she’d be out at the back door sniffing her leash, She was so unique too, My mom couldn’t peel carrots without Lady sniffing them out and wasn’t long before she was at her feet waiting for hers (she got her own full peeled carrot) She’s basically eat anything but onions, My favorite thing to do with her was feed her fruit loops, flicking them across the floor and she’d chase and eat them. Or if she wanted to be scratched she’d park herself by yout hand or foot. And give you a little nudge to say “I’m here, scratch me”

In 2006, she hurt her leg, we still don’t know how, and she went downhill from there, she was on anti-inflammitories for a couple months and her leg got better but then she slowly stoped eating as much, then not as often, then not at all.. and her breathing got funny, she had gotten very old and sick, so we had to make the ultimate decision, it was so terrib;e to watch her suffer any long.

But now that she’s gone, the house feels empty still, I still expect her to meet me at the door when come home from work, or I think I hear her come up the stairs,,… but she never does…her ashes sit in a purple box above my computer now, my parents wanted to bury her but I like her where is, I know she’s close by. She’ll always be our dog Lady.

Pam Cheeks

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