Rover (1991-2006)

Rover was my best friend. He loved his family and his treats. He was a great singer to the Irish Descendants. He was always happy and had a smile on his face to help us through the bad times. We all loved him especially his long velvet ears and his friendship to all of us. He was protective of his house and the people in it. He loved out on the deck looking up the road and barking at nothing. One day he got out on the deck and the door was open he went for a walk by himself a few days later we had to do the hardest thing in our lives and say good bye to him. He became sick and there was no other thing to do but to put him down. This hit us hard but we did not want him to suffer. We know you are in a good place now with no pain and lots of treats. To my buddy we will miss you always and we know you will be looking down on us. We will meet again some day.

Love, Mark, Krystle, Mom, Dad and Bailey

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