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Lady (June 1990 – November 2006)

It’s been just over a year Since Lady died, and I miss her everyday. My family got Lady when I was 5, and after having her for 16 years she was more like another kid in the family then a pet. She was even in our family photos when I was 10.

Lady was an awesome dog she’d never bark, Never bit a sole. Before she lost her hearing she never missed a beat. you couldn’t whisper the work “walk” and she’d be out at the back door sniffing her leash, She was so unique too, My mom couldn’t peel carrots without Lady sniffing them out and wasn’t long before she was at her feet waiting for hers (she got her own full peeled carrot) She’s basically eat anything but onions, My favorite thing to do with her was feed her fruit loops, flicking them across the floor and she’d chase and eat them. Or if she wanted to be scratched she’d park herself by yout hand or foot. And give you a little nudge to say “I’m here, scratch me”

In 2006, she hurt her leg, we still don’t know how, and she went downhill from there, she was on anti-inflammitories for a couple months and her leg got better but then she slowly stoped eating as much, then not as often, then not at all.. and her breathing got funny, she had gotten very old and sick, so we had to make the ultimate decision, it was so terrib;e to watch her suffer any long.

But now that she’s gone, the house feels empty still, I still expect her to meet me at the door when come home from work, or I think I hear her come up the stairs,,… but she never does…her ashes sit in a purple box above my computer now, my parents wanted to bury her but I like her where is, I know she’s close by. She’ll always be our dog Lady.

Pam Cheeks

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Pablo (April 2006) – Age 14

Pablo didn’t have a lot of time with Beagle Paws but every day that he did have was a blessing. Sweet Pablo was loved very much by his foster home and everyone that met him. We are very grateful to his caretakers for giving him the opportunity to know what it is like to be truly loved.

Volunteers of Beagle Paws

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Angel (Unknown-2006)

Angel came to us as sudden and unplanned as she left us. One cold night, faith brought her (and her friend Buddy) to us. There was no way we could turn down those two abused, cold faces. We let them into our homes and our hearts. We asked Beagle Paws for help getting them. We kept the two while they were featured on the website. They were so happy to finally be loved and so eager to please us. Despite our hearts not wanting to let Buddy go (we could not find an apartment in St. John ’s that would allow us 3 dogs), he got adopted to a wonderful family. Angel stayed with us a few months longer and we actually found a nice landlord that allowed dogs. One September evening while out on a walk with Angel, we looked at how happy she was and we decided we were not going to let her go! She graced our lives for 4 happy years.

Angel tragically died in November. We were not ready to let her go. She came into our lives and showed us that although people can be cold and hurtful, she was willing to forgive. All it took to make her happy was someone to love her. It is probably selfish of me to say, but I am glad her previous owners didn’t love her because I would have never found her, I would have never seen how absolutely happy she was when she got a treat or a rub, I would have never fell in love with her, would have never fostered other dogs or wouldn’t be who I am today without her. I am glad we had the chance to show her what it was like to be loved because she truly deserved every ounce of love, plus more, that she got. She came into our lives and left her paw prints over our hearts and soles. Angel, we’d do or give anything to have you back, you were too good for this world, we miss you so much. I hope we made you as happy as you made us. RIP my little princess. You are, and will always be, truly truly missed.

Becky Butt & John Rowsell

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Finnigan (1998-2006)

A tragic accident lead to Beagle Paws having to say good bye to Finnigan. This friendly boy was cherished by his foster Mom and Dad who were just about to make him a permanent member of their beagle clan.

Even though Finnigan’s time with Beagle Paws was short it was full of love and happiness for that we are grateful. Til we meet again Finnigan !

Jodi & Dugald (Foster Mom and Dad)
Beagle Paws Volunteers

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Terra (1996-2006)

Terra recently lost her battle with cancer. We are all sadden by the loss of this special girl. She brought joy to everyone who met her. We feel blessed that we had an opportunity to know Terra even if it was for a short time.

We know that Terra is waiting at the Rainbow Ridge to see us all again. We love you Terra !

Terra’s Foster Mom and Beagle Paws Volunteers

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Scotia (1993-2006)

Our beloved Scotia was rescued from the SPCA in Nova Scotia when my son was just a year old. He was not only my sons best friend he was like a child too me. Scotia was the essence of a family pet. He stayed with Justin day and night. We Scotia first arrived at our he had not been dewormed and he became really sick, We nursed Scotia through some terrible illness and in turn he gave us 13 of the most wonderful years. Scotia began to show noticeable differences in his health during last winter and his bladder was beginning to fail. So with a heavy heart we made the decision to let our black buddy go with dignity. Justin sent his buddy home to keep his Grandparents company. Heaven is a better place now Scotia has arrived. Sleep with peace my FRIEND your are forever loved.

Paula Harvey-Tucker and Justin Penney
Carbonear, NL

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Miss Ellie (2006)

Miss Ellie graced our lives for only a brief time. This little girl found her way to the local SPCA shelter where she was then placed into the care of Beagle Paws. All our volunteers and especially Miss Ellie’s foster Mom feel very blessed that we were able to show this little girl what it was like to be loved and cherished in her twilight years. Miss Ellie you will live forever in our hearts.

Volunteers of Beagle Paws

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Rover (1991-2006)

Rover was my best friend. He loved his family and his treats. He was a great singer to the Irish Descendants. He was always happy and had a smile on his face to help us through the bad times. We all loved him especially his long velvet ears and his friendship to all of us. He was protective of his house and the people in it. He loved out on the deck looking up the road and barking at nothing. One day he got out on the deck and the door was open he went for a walk by himself a few days later we had to do the hardest thing in our lives and say good bye to him. He became sick and there was no other thing to do but to put him down. This hit us hard but we did not want him to suffer. We know you are in a good place now with no pain and lots of treats. To my buddy we will miss you always and we know you will be looking down on us. We will meet again some day.

Love, Mark, Krystle, Mom, Dad and Bailey

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Logan (February 2006)

Logan was our very special senior citizen, and very dear to all the Beagle Paws group. He came into our care after it was reported that an old, sick Beagle was hanging around a wooded area. He was eventually found curled up in a pile of sawdust that he had made into a bed. Logan had a number of medical problems, including a large tumor that had to be removed immediately. To recover, he went to the home of one of our executive members, where he won them over with his unique personality, and eventually his adoption was finalized. Logan’s last year of life was one of luxury, and he was given all the love, cuddles and treats a little Beagle could stand. We hope that it made up in some way for the terrible life he had known before. We all miss you, Logan. You will always live in our hearts.

Volunteers of Beagle Paws

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