Tie Hancock (October 2000 – October 2005)

Tie was an amazing companion. He had a personality unlike any other dog we have ever had or met. He talked to us we are certain of that. Smart and obedient, loving and perfectly fun! He learned tricks on three tries and never forgot a thing. He wagged his tail, blinked his beautiful eyes and barked in response to our words to him. He was so responsive, it was eerie!

We never saw Tie as a dog….he was like a child to us. He needed us, and would tell us every time he needed something. Unbelievable he was….. He was playful, kind and precious. He loved his brother too. His brother , Cody (a 5 yr old Border Collie) misses him as well. He will always be our little boy, our sweet Tie-bo. How unfair it is that we had to lose him at such a young age. Yet we were truly Blessed to have him in our lives. We are happy that we had him our lives…even though it was a short time. We
had to make a decision that broke our hearts yet allowed him to rest comfortably. Farewell Dearest Friend, Farewell our Wonderful Boy….

Thank you
Jennifer and Jonathan Hancock

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