Barney (September 2005)

Barney was our much-loved senior citizen. Despite his age and numerous medical issues, he was a happy little fellow who was always full of fun. His previous hard life was a distant memory as he learned what life could really offer – leisurely walks, long car rides, friends to play with, and lazy nights cuddling on the couch. Most importantly, he learned what it was to be loved.

Barney was doubly-blessed in that he had not one, but two wonderful foster families to love him. Upon receiving the sad news that Barney had Lymphoma, his foster moms made the commitment to share in his care and to stay by his side until the very end.

While his time with us was short, we are all grateful that his last days were happy ones filled with warmth, kindness and love.

Volunteers of Beagle Paws

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