Cody (July 2005)

Cody was adopted on July 4th in 2000 when he was about 7 years old. He died on 14 July of last year. I was closer to that little dog than any creature alive. He was a Beagle Dwarf — or “Funny” as I’ve heard them called — and came with lots of medical issues. Some might have called them problems … but we made out weekly 75 mile drive to the Veterinary Hospital at U.C. Davis a fun even for both of us … stopping for walks along the way … and visiting friends. He’d sit in his high chair looking out the window as the world passed by … and once we were out of range of the classical station … I’d tune into a country station … but change all the words to be about Cody. He would just look up and smile.

R. Scott Sullivan, California

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