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Tie Hancock (October 2000 – October 2005)

Tie was an amazing companion. He had a personality unlike any other dog we have ever had or met. He talked to us we are certain of that. Smart and obedient, loving and perfectly fun! He learned tricks on three tries and never forgot a thing. He wagged his tail, blinked his beautiful eyes and barked in response to our words to him. He was so responsive, it was eerie!

We never saw Tie as a dog….he was like a child to us. He needed us, and would tell us every time he needed something. Unbelievable he was….. He was playful, kind and precious. He loved his brother too. His brother , Cody (a 5 yr old Border Collie) misses him as well. He will always be our little boy, our sweet Tie-bo. How unfair it is that we had to lose him at such a young age. Yet we were truly Blessed to have him in our lives. We are happy that we had him our lives…even though it was a short time. We
had to make a decision that broke our hearts yet allowed him to rest comfortably. Farewell Dearest Friend, Farewell our Wonderful Boy….

Thank you
Jennifer and Jonathan Hancock

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Charlie (May 1994 – November 2005)

Just this Sunday our sweet naughty little dog, breathed his last breath.

It’s hard to describe our grief at loosing our cheeky beagle. He really was incorrigible. A raider of garbage cupboards and a stealer of sandwiches. An ever vigilant opportunist, he never missed an open door that would give him access to the neighbours bunny pen or compost heap. A fierce little beagle he was. He would charge enthusiastically at crows, squirrels, and even a huge black bear this summer. Such a happy soul. He so loved this good little world with it’s good little cookies.

To you, little buddy, who made us laugh and stole our hearts…I bid you farewell.

Laurie Nelson

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Barney (September 2005)

Barney was our much-loved senior citizen. Despite his age and numerous medical issues, he was a happy little fellow who was always full of fun. His previous hard life was a distant memory as he learned what life could really offer – leisurely walks, long car rides, friends to play with, and lazy nights cuddling on the couch. Most importantly, he learned what it was to be loved.

Barney was doubly-blessed in that he had not one, but two wonderful foster families to love him. Upon receiving the sad news that Barney had Lymphoma, his foster moms made the commitment to share in his care and to stay by his side until the very end.

While his time with us was short, we are all grateful that his last days were happy ones filled with warmth, kindness and love.

Volunteers of Beagle Paws

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My Beagle My Boy

He had a handsome face, long velvet ears, beautiful markings on a strong body of short fur and a nose that was always experiencing the wonderful smells of nature. His rather large 4 paws and a tail curled high above his back showed him to be a Beagle even to those with limited knowledge of dogs. He was full bred and the largest Beagle that most have ever seen. When he introduced himself to me at 6 weeks old, he became my boy. I was not his master and he was not my pet. He was stubborn and taught me how to be a good dad. I learned a lot from my furry boy. His love for his home and family was far reaching and anyone who knew me also knew that my furry boy was near by.

For some he was just a big Beagle and they would ask if he was a good rabbit dog. I would let them know that he had a remarkable nose and loved to sing in the woods near home and occasionally he would bring a rabbit home proud and prancing and unwilling to release his catch. He was not a rabbit dog. He was my boy who was having fun experiencing life with his human dad. He talked with his eyes with expressions that I soon learned what each glance meant. He would be saying take me for a ride in the old jeep, or let’s go out on the boat where he loved to speed with those velvet ears flapping in the wind or he would just want to go in the yard and roll in the sun.

My Beagle, my boy Oakietubbs was a constant pleasure of love and worry. He was the king and he knew it. When he wanted to show his love he needed your full face for several licks and his big brown eyes would connect, and you knew instantly that you were special. He also knew that his dad was always there to protect him and love him. When he was diagnosed with cancer of the lymph nodes at age 6, he didn’t know why the many trips to the vet or why the many injections to bring him into remission. His big sparkling brown eyes would be asking me why he didn’t feel good at times and why I had to make sure he took his pills. I was always his dad who protected him and explained with loving conversations to him and to God that I would protect him and he would get better. He was strong at times and wanted to be his old self, but month after month he became weaker.

His love never failed and he was always anxious to let me know how special I was to him for he knew that he was my boy. I never wanted to believe that my strong furry boy would have his wonderful joy for life cut short by such a horrible disease that seems to attack at will with little exception to humans or animals. Oakietubbs was strong to the end and never lost his dignity or respect for his human family. He was in my arms by the wood stove that he loved on New Years Day when God took him. He was only eight years old. The only protection I had for him was prayer and I truly believe because of the impact he had on 4 human family members with his undeniable love that God has him in a special place. It is not farewell my little boy but only a moment in time until we are together again.

Your Human Dad, Rick Reynolds
Friendsville, Maryland

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Cody (July 2005)

Cody was adopted on July 4th in 2000 when he was about 7 years old. He died on 14 July of last year. I was closer to that little dog than any creature alive. He was a Beagle Dwarf — or “Funny” as I’ve heard them called — and came with lots of medical issues. Some might have called them problems … but we made out weekly 75 mile drive to the Veterinary Hospital at U.C. Davis a fun even for both of us … stopping for walks along the way … and visiting friends. He’d sit in his high chair looking out the window as the world passed by … and once we were out of range of the classical station … I’d tune into a country station … but change all the words to be about Cody. He would just look up and smile.

R. Scott Sullivan, California

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Tawny (May 1993 – June 2005)

If it should be that I grow frail and weak,
And pain should keep me from my sleep,
Then, will you do what must be done,
For this, the last battle cannot be won.
You will be sad, I understand,
But don’t let grief then stay your hand,
For on this day more than the rest,
Your love and friendship must stand the test.
We have had so many happy years,
What is to come, can hold no fears,
You would not want me to suffer so,
When the time comes, please let me go.
Take me to where my needs they’ll tend,
Only, stay with me until the end.
And hold me firm and speak to me
Until my eyes no longer see.
It is a kindness you do for me.
Although my tail its last has waved,
From pain and suffering I have been saved.
Don’t grieve that it must be you
Who has decided this thing to do,
We’ve been so close, we two, these years,
Don’t let your heart hold anymore tears.
(author unknown)

This is my beloved beagle Tawny. We had to make the difficult decision to put her down. She fell ill 3 weeks before the fateful day. Her heart became enlarged and would not respond to medication. She became weaker and refused to eat. When she started to rather be alone then be with us, we knew she was trying to tell us something. We took her to the vet and he agreed that it was time. She looked us both in the eyes as the needle went in and then gently went to rest. We miss her dearly and hope she is free from pain. This poem I found made me feel like she was saying these words to me and it helped me some. I hope it can be shared and help comfort someone else.

Lynn Russell

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Blizzard (November 2004 – February 6, 2005)

You fought your way in from the cold
And into our hearts
We looked at your picture over and over
And wanted to hug you and warm you.

While you were on your brave journey
Some angels must have followed you
To help you find warmth, safety and love.

Then they adopted you, to be their own puppy
in heaven. I hope heaven is as warm
as a summer evening –
a summer that you didn’t live long enough to enjoy.

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Princess Baby Boomer (1990-2005)

When I was 5 years old, I woke up one morning and there was a tiny black ball of fur cuddling into my neck and staring me in the eyes. This was the day our little girl Princess Baby Boomer changed our lives forever. Right from the start, she was the queen of our home, and wherever she sat, whether it be on the couch, bed or pillow, it was her throne.

The way Pekes are, they find one person that they attach to, and they never leave their side. For Princess Baby Boomer that person was my mom. She loved us all, and she would show us with great big kisses! But, my mom was the one she would follow around, and would cuddle up with on the couch. One of Baby’s favorite pasttimes was eating! She would dance around the table at meal times, and would get on her hind paws and “swim” as we liked to call it. It got to the point where she was so particular she only wanted grilled chicken breasts! This little dog really believed she was royalty, and she certainly let everyone know around her she was a queen!

As Baby got older, we noticed her starting to slow down, although she would still get in her spunky mode when our other dogs would get playful! No matter how old she got, we could still see the puppy in her. Finally, when she was 15, we knew that our time with her was nearing an end. She began having trouble breathing, because of a tumor that was blocking off her
airway. It was heartbreaking to see her struggling to get a breath. It devastated us to imagine our lives without her, but we knew it wasn’t fair to keep her here like that, it was selfish of us. When she would look at us, we knew she was trying to tell us she was ready to go visit her big brother Booker in heaven. On August 6, 2005 she crossed over the Rainbow Bridge, and
we know her big brother Booker was waiting for her on the other side.

Baby, we love you and miss you every minute of every day. We can’t wait to see you and Booker again.


Your dad Gary, mom Joan, human sister Katie, doggy sister Daisy, and doggy niece Maggie
Twillingate, NL

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Luke (2001 – 2005)

Luke (2001 – 2005) seen here sitting in his favorite spot with his friend Kailey (behind).

Luke’s life was cut way too short by debilitating hip dysplasia and arthritis. In his short time on earth he was, what can only be described as, a force of nature. He had tremendous spirit and a love of long walks and runs through the woods. He vocalized his displeasures when things didn’t go his way with snorts and grunts that were of continual amusement to his human companions. Luke certainly “spoke” his mind. He was a loyal and constant friend who is sadly missed.

Luke is now running free through the woods of Heaven with no pain or discomfort. He lives on in the memories of those that loved him.

“A dog is the only thing on earth that loves you more than he loves himself.”
— Josh Billings

Trudy, Claire, Gary, Doug, Rita, Andrew, Gillian and Rob
(Luke’s immediate and extended family)

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