For Cat (May 2004)

My friend Cat had the most faithful dog I’ve ever known. Tragically, Cat and her Adami died in a fire last spring.

Cat was a dog nanny – a dog lady, as the neighbourhood affectionately called her. She was often seen walking 10 dogs, 5 leashes in the right hand & 5 leashes in the left, on the way to the park. Cat was happiest when she was surrounded by dogs and animals. She owned 3 dogs herself, Adami, Max, and Etta Mae, Adami’s girl puppy, and 2 cats (Cat’s cats)

When Cat’s house caught fire, she was more concerned with the dogs in her care than her own. She made several trips into her burning house to try to rescue a dog, any dog from the flames.

On her last trip into the house, she was overcome by smoke and collapsed, with Max in her arms. Adami, who made it out safely, followed Cat everywhere that morning, more concerned with Cat’s safety than her own. On Adami’s last trip into the house, Adami lay down beside Cat, protecting her, accompanying her, and died beside her.

If you ever have any doubt of how much your dog loves you, think of Adami’s example.

This is why I am sending in this pet memorial today. To recognize Adami, the most faithful dog I’ve ever known…

Jacqueline Cochrane
Calgary, Alberta

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