Brandy (1986-2004)

We both loved you best. Brandy was a loyal companion and a great friend; he was always there for you. Brandy was a special dog. He loved to be around you. He loved to cuddle on the bed, couch and when he went in the car, he always wanted to be on your lap with his head out the window.

Brandy was the master. When out hiking or walking, there was nothing that went un-noticed, he always had his nose to the ground and sniffing everything in sight. When we picked up a stray, our second dog Shadow, she was so quiet, but Brandy being the dominant one showed her how to bark, smell, but also showed her he was the boss.

Although blinded in the last few years, Brandy managed to fend for himself, he was able to get around in the house, garden, and his favorite sleeping spot by himself always knowing where you were.

Brandy’s time finally came on the last of September, I remember watching with his big brown eyes so peaceful looking and not being able to do anything for him and he asking me in his own special way saying” its time to go”. I often reflect and ask myself was it the right decision and I say yes and Brandy would have too.

He may be gone, but his memories are still very alive. As I walk on trails, I can still picture him ahead, looking back to see if we are still coming, and when I walk into the house, I can imagine where he is.

Brandy is in puppy heaven now, no doubt, he is the ruler, but he is a very faithful companion you could ever ask for. Brandy, we miss you and we will always love you.

Regina, Paul and Shadow (your buddy)

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