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Oreo (November 2004)

Oreo was the best dog anyone could have ever had and he was my best friend. He loved treats going for long walks and a good scratch from whoever he could get it from. I had Oreo from 1998 – 2004, since I was nine years old. It was the hardest thing I have ever had to do, was when I had to put him to sleep and say good bye forever. He had gotten a few ailments all related to old age and he had a great life but it was time to let him go peacefully where he wouldn’t have anymore pain. I can definitely say that my love of dogs is all because of him, and that is why I am now in a job where I work with dogs He ! was loved by many and I will never be forgotten.

From Dana and the Learning Family and Friends.

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Brandy (1986-2004)

We both loved you best. Brandy was a loyal companion and a great friend; he was always there for you. Brandy was a special dog. He loved to be around you. He loved to cuddle on the bed, couch and when he went in the car, he always wanted to be on your lap with his head out the window.

Brandy was the master. When out hiking or walking, there was nothing that went un-noticed, he always had his nose to the ground and sniffing everything in sight. When we picked up a stray, our second dog Shadow, she was so quiet, but Brandy being the dominant one showed her how to bark, smell, but also showed her he was the boss.

Although blinded in the last few years, Brandy managed to fend for himself, he was able to get around in the house, garden, and his favorite sleeping spot by himself always knowing where you were.

Brandy’s time finally came on the last of September, I remember watching with his big brown eyes so peaceful looking and not being able to do anything for him and he asking me in his own special way saying” its time to go”. I often reflect and ask myself was it the right decision and I say yes and Brandy would have too.

He may be gone, but his memories are still very alive. As I walk on trails, I can still picture him ahead, looking back to see if we are still coming, and when I walk into the house, I can imagine where he is.

Brandy is in puppy heaven now, no doubt, he is the ruler, but he is a very faithful companion you could ever ask for. Brandy, we miss you and we will always love you.

Regina, Paul and Shadow (your buddy)

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For Cat (May 2004)

My friend Cat had the most faithful dog I’ve ever known. Tragically, Cat and her Adami died in a fire last spring.

Cat was a dog nanny – a dog lady, as the neighbourhood affectionately called her. She was often seen walking 10 dogs, 5 leashes in the right hand & 5 leashes in the left, on the way to the park. Cat was happiest when she was surrounded by dogs and animals. She owned 3 dogs herself, Adami, Max, and Etta Mae, Adami’s girl puppy, and 2 cats (Cat’s cats)

When Cat’s house caught fire, she was more concerned with the dogs in her care than her own. She made several trips into her burning house to try to rescue a dog, any dog from the flames.

On her last trip into the house, she was overcome by smoke and collapsed, with Max in her arms. Adami, who made it out safely, followed Cat everywhere that morning, more concerned with Cat’s safety than her own. On Adami’s last trip into the house, Adami lay down beside Cat, protecting her, accompanying her, and died beside her.

If you ever have any doubt of how much your dog loves you, think of Adami’s example.

This is why I am sending in this pet memorial today. To recognize Adami, the most faithful dog I’ve ever known…

Jacqueline Cochrane
Calgary, Alberta

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Wally The Dog (1990-2004)

It’s been one month since Wally died and I still think that I hear him around the house. My family adopted him from the SPCA when he was 6 months old. He didn’t have a great start on life, he was found behind the old Janeway with pantyhose tied around his neck securing him to a fence.

Wally was truly the worlds greatest dog. He understood things that no other could about me. He knew instantly if I was sad. He would sit by my side and lick my tears until he cheered me up with his big brown eyes. He was also the star of any party that I had, and when it was bedtime, he would be waiting for me on my bed.

It hurts like crazy to think of him not being here anymore. I still have dreams that he is not really gone. The only good thing is that I have my puppy that I adopted from Beagle Paws last year to remind me that Wally has taught her a lot of tricks. I couldn’t imagine life without Wally, he was my best-friend. I know he had a great life, and is having a blast in Heaven, hopefully with unlimited bones daily.

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Valentine (2004)

Valentine came to us from a local shelter in the fall of 2003. After spending several weeks in foster care he was adopted into a loving home. His time there was far too short. In less than a year, after a short battle with lung cancer, Valentine quietly left this world.

Valentine’s last year on earth was a life of leisure . He spent his nights snuggled up in bed with his family and his days sniffing out treasures in the backyard. He was a gentle soul with a mischievous streak that got him in trouble from time to time; nevertheless Valentine was a true gentleman. To know him was to love him.

Although he left us far too soon, we are comforted by the fact that in his last year of life he finally knew what it was to be truly loved.

Denise AuCoin, Beagle Paws

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Scamp (1993-2004)

He was a great dog and we all miss him very much. I got him at PAWS animal rescue center in Salens Co. Kildare Ireland. He was a terrier cross, he could jump up higher than 5ft even though he was only a small dog. He was a very energetic dog who loved to play.

Miss you lots, love your owner Ciara!

I had a dog, his name was Scamp
he broke my mothers favorite lamp.
He broke his lead and ran to the weeds
He could jump very high up to the sky,
He loved to fight but never bite,
So he was a great little dog, as cute as could be
and when I would come home he would be waiting for me!

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