Booker (1989-2003)

Our big boy Booker came into our lives when I was only 4, but I still remember his big puppy paws clumping all over the kitchen floor. He didn’t realize how big and strong he actually was, and would often barrel into buckets of water and furniture at full speed, not realizing what a mess he was about to make! He very quickly became my dad’s most loyal friend. Wherever my dad went, Booker was close behind him. When my dad went to work out-of-province, Booker was the one who slept next to his bed every night, making sure my dad was safe and keeping him company. I often watched Booker when my dad would approach him, and he would bow his head to my dad in loyalty. He listened to my dad’s every word with respect and obedience.

When Booker started to get older, he began having hip joint problems because of his large size. Some days he found it hard to walk, and this was heartbreaking for all of us, most of all my dad. Finally, on January 23, 2003, when Booker was 13 years old, my dad tried to get him to jump out of his van, but he just couldn’t walk anymore. My dad couldn’t bear to see his boy suffer like this, so he made the decision that day to let him go and pass onto heaven, where he would be free to run all day long. It broke my dad’s heart to have to watch him go, but we all knew that he would be happier in heaven.

Booker was a good boy, who took very good care of his little sister Princess Baby Boomer on earth. We know he is taking extra good care of her now in heaven, because she went to join him in August of 2005. We took comfort in knowing he was waiting for her when she crossed over the Rainbow Bridge.

We love you Booker, and are looking forward to the day when we will see you again.

Your dad Gary, mom Joan, human sister Katie, doggy sister Daisy, and doggy niece Maggie
Twillingate, NL

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