(1987-2003) Shiner, Golden Labrador Retriever

I often find myself comparing him to the story of “Old Yeller”. He was the most loyal dog you could ever find. No matter where you went Shiner was always there beside you. As he got older he may have been trailing further behind but you always knew he was there. Shiner first joined our family at the age of six. As soon as Mom brought him home from the SPCA everyone knew he was meant to be our dog. He loved the farm life we had and adapted to it like he was born there. It’s been about a month since he finally rested… I miss him like crazy… I’m sure he’s following around an angel as I speak. Shiner will always be in my heart. Forever. Love you Shiner.

To anyone out there doubtful about adopting from the SPCA or the Pound; I have had three dogs, two of those from the SPCA. They don’t need to be puppies to fulfill your life.

“Animals will always be as good as you treat them. Don’t EVER forget that.”

Annette Thornley, Newfoundland

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